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Quality Shipping Containers & Storage Containers

Transocean Equipment Management is a worldwide supplier in the sale, leasing, and customization of new and used shipping containers and storage containers. We specialize in providing creative solutions to your shipping container needs:  You could say we think "out of the box" in order to get you the box you need!


Our customer base includes Fortune 500 companies as well as small independent businesses, along with local, state and federal agencies, all branches of the U.S. armed forces, construction companies, agribusiness, individuals, and many more.


Shipping Container & Storage Container Applications

Shipping Yard - Shipping Containers - Storage Containers

Clients of Transocean Equipment Management utilize our products for a wide range of applications, including on-site storage, overseas exporting, and freight forwarding.  We maintain a global reach by developing partnerships with the best companies worldwide in the container manufacturing and sales, fabrication and transportation industries, resulting in the ability to meet a wide range of our clients' customized container needs.

Whatever the scope of the project, we closely monitor quality, cost and schedule to ensure your satisfaction. Our combination of superior customer service, top-quality products and competitive pricing makes Transocean Equipment Management the best value for your shipping and storage container needs.