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For over 20 years, Transocean Equipment Management has been supplying high-quality storage containers to customers all over the world. We’ve been in business for two decades; however, our knowledge and industry expertise is double that! We’ve been serving people who need storage solutions by means of shipping containers for 40 years.

We love this business. We love our customers. We love the versatility of shipping containers. And we love the creativity that has evolved with the popularity of storage containers. For this reason, we’re able to offer more unique services domestically and internationally.

Storage Container Services We Offer

We’re proud to offer a variety of storage container services from simple transactions to complex customized projects. We’ll be there every step of the way with professionalism and proficiency.

Our premier shipping container services fall under four categories: buy, rent, modify, and delivery. 

➤ Buy

You can directly buy shipping containers from our warehouses new or used. We rate the conditions of our containers based on a grading system A-D, D being the worst condition. However, even our Grade D shipping containers still serve a purpose like storing heavy equipment, tools, garden supplies, etc. 

We have a variety of dimensions available but if you’re not finding what you’re looking for or need it modified, we’ll be happy to sit down with you and plan those things out!

➤ Modify

One of the coolest and unique aspects of shipping containers is you can modify them in a variety of different ways. From adding drywall, to cutting out windows, to adding sliding doors and shelving. The options are endless! 

We work with countless customers who choose to modify and add accessories to their liking. If you want to transform a storage container into a bathroom, an office, a she-shed, a man-cave, or a living space, you can do it and we can help turn your vision into a reality.

Check out some of the storage container projects we’ve worked on.


We provide hassle-free deliveries with a purchase or lease of our shipping containers. No need to call and rely on a third party to arrange pickup and dropoff times. Your container will either be delivered on a rollback truck or flat-bed truck, depending on your order and delivery location. 

Storage Containers We Offer

If you’re excited about our shipping container services, you may want to further explore the types of storage containers we offer, which include:

We have so many shipping containers to choose from with endless opportunities. 

Locations of Our Storage Container Operations

We proudly serve customers storage container solutions worldwide but we’re primarily based in the Southeast. We maintain inventory in various locations throughout this region of the country. This allows us to conveniently service a widespread local territory in the following states:

While we’re headquartered in Fayetteville, NC, we have multiple office locations in North Carolina and South Carolina. This gives us ample space to supply an abundant amount of shipping containers with a variety of options for our customers to choose from. Additionally, we’re located closely to a few of the largest shipping ports; therefore, we can access new inventory easily. It’s also advantageous to many of our customers who ship from those ports.

Contact Us Now for Storage Containers

Look no further than Transocean Equipment Management when you’re ready to buy a storage container. We make the process easy for you with our free price quote form.

With so many storage container options to choose, it can be overwhelming to decide which one best fits your needs. If you need a guiding hand, we’re here to help! Contact us today to discuss your wants and needs. We’ll be happy to provide you with storage container options: 910-483-7828.