Buy Quality Storage Containers in Georgia

Buy Shipping Containers in Georgia

From Atlanta to Savannah, we provide high-quality storage containers to Georgia residents. Our convenient cargo container solutions can solve your storage or shipping problems with ease no matter where you live or work in Georgia.

Shipping Container Services in Georgia

Shipping containers are relatively new. They were invented in the 1950’s and became popular in the 70’s. It’s astounding how colossal this industry has become and the value people saw right off the bat. In fact, people saw the potential of utilizing storage containers other than shipping purposes when it first became widespread by the shipping industry back in the 70’s.

Just like the rapid growth of storage containers, our services have expanded throughout the years to accommodate the vast range of needs and demands in Georgia and worldwide. So, whether you need an affordable and compact office space in Atlanta or you live out on a farm in Laurens County and need additional shelter for livestock, we got you covered!

Storage Containers in Atlanta and Savannah

We offer a full-range of services to help meet the needs and wants of our customers. When you become a customer of Transocean Equipment Management, we’ll be there from start to finish helping you every step of the way. Here’s what we do:

  • We Sell Storage Containers

We have new and used shipping containers suitable for any purpose that we sell directly to consumers. Choose between different sizes, different types, and modifications.

  • We Modify Storage Containers

The modifications we offer are endless. If you can dream it, we can build it! Drywall, doors, windows, and flooring are just a few examples of what we can add to your storage container.

  • We Deliver Storage Containers

We offer hassle-free delivery service, which makes the entire process of buying or renting a storage container that much smoother. For our delivery service, we use rollback trucks or flatbed trucks depending on your order and the delivery location.

Benefits of Our Storage Container Services in Georgia

When it comes time to choose a shipping container company to serve you, look no further than Transocean Equipment Management. Besides our quality containers and full-range of services, we’re also:

  • Professional
  • Proficient
  • Efficient
  • On time
  • On budget
  • Experienced
  • Always stocked
  • Reliable

These are just a few qualities we possess that you can benefit from when you work with us. We’re also conveniently located close to the Georgia border, just 1 hour away from Augusta!

Our Supply of Storage Containers in Georgia

We have a large inventory of all different types and sizes of storage containers. You won’t have a problem finding what you need in our stock. Here’s what we offer:

Many business and home owners have the need for storage containers, either for shipping goods, storing goods, or transporting goods. You may be wondering which one is best for you. It can be overwhelming with so many options but we’re here to help!

Contact Transocean Equipment Management Today!

At Transocean Equipment Management, we can handle your requirements at any time with any logistics, whether you need a storage container on your construction site in Chamblee or you need a durable shipping container for a classic automobile being shipped out of the Port of Brunswick. You can get started now by completing our FREE shipping container price quote form. No risk. No obligation. You can also call us at 910-483-7828 and speak to one of our helpful representatives about our storage containers in Georgia.

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  • Used Containers

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  • Specialized Units

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  • Modifications

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