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Shipping Containers for Sale in Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania has a diverse climate, with its distinct seasons, which means that durable and weather-resistant storage solutions like shipping containers are highly valued for protecting sensitive items from environmental elements.

Shipping and storage containers are used for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes. If you are interested in renting or purchasing one of our used or new containers then contact our team at Transocean Equipment Management!

Shipping Container Services We Offer in Pennsylvania

We’re a one-stop shop with superior customer service. With our line of quality service, you won’t have to look anywhere else! At Transocean Equipment Management, you can:

  • Buy a Shipping Container: Choose from our selection of used and new shipping containers. Modify it if needs be!
  • Modify a Shipping Container: From drywall, to insulation, to windows, to garage doors, the options are endless!
  • Deliver a Shipping Container to your Location: We safely and carefully deliver our cargo containers using flatbed trucks or rollback trucks.

You can buy one storage container or multiple storage containers.

Storage Container Options at Transocean Equipment Management

When it comes to buying a storage container from us, you can choose from a variety of different sizes and types. 

  • Storage Container Sizes: Our cargo containers range from 20’ – 53’ with varying specifications.
  • Storage Container Types: There are more types of shipping containers than you might expect. This includes containers that are refrigerated, open-top, hard-top, etc.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can modify a storage container for you. Simply contact us with your questions!

With the overwhelming amount of choices to choose from, you may not know which option would best fit your needs. There’s no reason to lose sleep over this decision. We’re one phone call away to discuss your vision. We can help you figure out an affordable and functional storage container solution. Call 866-588-2794 to get started now!

Shipping Containers for Industrial Purposes

Pennsylvania is known for its robust and thriving industrial sector which includes manufacturing, mining and agriculture, which often leads to the need of shipping or storage containers. 

These containers are important components in business because they help with transporting goods, both within the state and for export. Cities such as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, with their busy ports, rely heavily on shipping containers for maritime trade. 

Residential Reasons for a Shipping Container

There are many reasons why one might need a shipping or storage container at their residential property. For starters, many people are actually following a trend where they are converting shipping containers into affordable and eco-friendly homes. If you are interested in making a container your home then check out our containers!

Here at Transocean Equipment Management we also see a lot of individuals use our containers for personal storage needs, especially in rural areas where additional secure storage is beneficial but they are not near any type of storage facility. They store equipment, vehicles, or seasonal items in their container to free up space within their home or property. 

Transocean’s Container Services in Pennsylvania

Our team at Transocean offers reliable and cost-efficient services for shipping containers in Pennsylvania. 
These services include: 

  • Container Sales: You can choose for our extensive inventory of new and used storage containers, which are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 20 to 53 feet. Our team provides a diverse collection of cargo containers that can meet your unique requirements.
  • Container Customization: You can tailor any of our new or used storage containers to fit your specific needs with an array of customization services. Such options include adding windows, flooring, interior walls, shelving and more! 
  • Container Delivery: Transocean ensures a hassle-free delivery experience, whether close by or at a distance, utilizing our rollback or flatbed trucks for transportation storage. 

Why Choose Transocean Containers 

Transocean stands out for our deep expertise in the shipping container industry. Our company has built our reputation for reliability, ensuring that clients receive top-notch service and products. Our experience in this field means we understand the nuances of container management, from logistics to customization, making us a trusted partner for business and residential property owners. 

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