Shipping Container Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about a new or used shipping container?  Get answers to your questions today.    

Why buy a used shipping container or new shipping container?

In a world that is becoming more and more “green,” recycling shipping containers provides an ideal opportunity for you to add a great deal of mobile storage space to your property without the hassle of construction. All you need is level space and minimal ground preparation so we can deliver a container to your site. In addition to general storage, our ISO steel containers are convenient for shipping cargo, temporary job site storage, mobile offices, excess inventory and even for building permanent structures. If a steel frame is needed for your job, our shipping containers will help make it easier. The price is right too!

Do you deliver?

We offer two options for your delivery needs: Flat-bed and Roll-back.

If you do not have off-loading equipment on site, we can deliver using a roll-back truck that will place the unit on the ground where you need it, assuming there is plenty of clearance to get a big truck in and out of the area. Deliveries of 40’ containers need more clearance than 20’ deliveries as they require a larger truck. Pricing for roll-back deliveries is typically $100 to $125 per hour for the round trip, plus approximately 30 minutes on site.

If you have offloading capability via fork-lift, lull or crane you can probably save yourself some money by having our containers delivered via flat-bed truck. Typical 20’ containers weigh approximately 5000 pounds and 40’ containers weigh approximately 9000 pounds. Ideally, 8’ forks are ideal for removing containers from a flat-bed as the containers are 8’ wide.

Should I set the container on the ground?

Depending on what type of ground you will be putting the containers on and the purpose for which you will be using the unit, it might be a good idea to elevate the containers off the ground. You could use 4’’x 4’’ boards, railroad ties or solid cement blocks.

How old are the containers?

We sell everything from new one-trip containers that are frequently less than one year old to containers that are nearly 20 years old and in varying shapes and conditions. Age is often a predominant factor in pricing our inventory, but depending on the wear and tear of each particular unit, older does not necessarily mean cheaper. Shipping containers are built for sustainability during the worst of weather conditions and we do everything possible to keep them up to par and ideal to suit your needs. If you purchase a container in good condition and place it on your property for general storage, it should last for many years with minimal maintenance.

How soon can you deliver the containers to us?

In most cases we can delivery your container(s) within a week (or less) of a firm order but it all depends on the specific requirements. If repairs or modifications are required, such as custom paint or adding doors or windows, it may take a little longer. We will advise you of your delivery time when you place your order.

Do you offer modifications to the containers?

If you can dream it up we can draw it up! Keep in mind – each modification adds $$ to the price tag, but we will work with you to ensure that your container meets your requirements at the best value possible.