Specialized Units

20′ And 40′ Storage Containers

A specialized 20′ and 40′ storage containers can be your business or personal solution. In addition to the standard new and used cargo containers offered by Transocean Equipment Management, specialized container units are also available to fit specific storage or shipping needs.

Types of 20′ and 40′ Storage Containers Offered By Transocean Equipment Management

Frequently-requested specialty containers provided by Transocean Equipment Management include:

  • Open-Top Containers for easier loading and unloading of the container from the top of the unit.
  • Hard-Top Containers for ease in loading and providing greater loading height.
  • Refrigerated Containers (“Reefers”) for storage and transportation of perishable or other temperature sensitive cargo.
  • Open-Sided Containers have full side access doors as well as end cargo doors, which allow greater accessibility, particularly when using forklifts.
  • Flat Rack Containers are ideal for transporting over-sized items such as vehicles or heavy equipment.

Hard Top Containers

Hard top containers are specialized shipping containers intended for freight that cannot be loaded with normal processes. A hard-top container has a removable steel roof and a removable door header which allow longer, and taller loads to be accommodated and shipped.

These  20′ and 40′ storage containers come with standard 8’6” heights, 40’ High Cubes 9’6”H are available at times. Most 20’ units are built with a 4.5mm thick steel floor, 40’ have standard wood container flooring. As specialized containers these are mostly new one trip containers. On the used market supply is rare but can be found at times.

Open Side Containers

Open side containers in their typical configuration have the usual set of doors on one end and other set(s) of bifold doors on one side. This allows for a fully open side for loading longer and large items from the side as well as through the normal doors. This also give you better access for securing your load. Open side containers are available in 20’ and 40’ lengths with 40’ also being offered in High Cube 9’6”H sizes. As specialized containers these are only available as new one trip units.

Make a Special Container More Special with Modifications!

Both of these containers as with any containers these days have been modified for our customers to meet their specific needs. Call Benji at Transocean to discuss how we might modify a container for your project.

  • 40’ Open side converted into a blast room.
  • 20’ Hard tops have been cut down to 10’ for use as rigging boxes in power plants.
  • 20’ Open side converted to retain the side doors and have a removable steel roof like a hard top. Best of both worlds!

Most specialized containers are available NEW or USED in 20′ and 40′  lengths.

Transocean Equipment Management offers 20′-40′ storage containers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia.