Storage Shipping Containers Delivery

Depending upon the equipment ordered and the site conditions, we will deliver your storage shipping containers using either a roll-back truck or a flat-bed truck.

Roll Back

Most of our local deliveries are made via a specialized self-unloading tractor trailer that can place our storage shipping containers on the ground at your site just as you want it. The truck and trailer combined are approximately 55 feet long and it is very important that your site be accessible for the truck to get in and out without incident.

Deliveries of 40′ storage shipping containers need more clearance than 20′ storage shipping containers, as they require a larger truck. It is preferable that deliveries are made when the ground is dry to alleviate the risk of the truck getting stuck in the mud, sand or any other soft ground.

Our standard full-length truck can deliver one 40′, 45′ or 53′ storage shipping container or two 20′ storage shipping containers at a time. If your site does not have adequate clearance for our large trucks to enter and exit, we can use a smaller 28′ truck to deliver one 20′ storage shipping container at a time.

Should you have any doubt about whether or not your location will be accessible to our trucks, please ask!

Pricing for roll-back deliveries is typically based on $100 to $125 per hour for the ROUND TRIP, plus approximately 30 minutes on site. If you have a wide open time-frame for delivery, we may be able to make the pricing slightly cheaper. To prepare for a roll-back delivery you should ensure that the ground on which you want the container to sit is as firm, solid and level as possible. If desired you could place 4”x 4” boards, railroad ties or solid concrete blocks under the storage shipping containers to allow air circulation around the container and to prevent it from sinking into the ground.

  • Heavy Machinery Required For Flatbed Delivery

  • 20’s Weigh Approx. 5,000lbs and 40?s Weight Approx. 9,000lbs

    image above open top container


The most inexpensive way to get our containers delivered to you is on a FLAT-BED truck. The reason that this is the most cost-effective method is because you must UNLOAD the container YOURSELF!  The weight of a 20′ container is approximately 5000 pounds, and 40′ containers weigh approximately 9000 pounds; thus it is important for you to ensure that you can safely unload the container before ordering a flat-bed delivery.

Cranes, fork-lifts (8 foot forks recommended), top-lifts or a large boom-truck will be required if you would like to have a container delivered via flat-bed. Flat-bed deliveries are typically reserved for large orders, industrial customers, government agencies or businesses specializing in containers. Pricing for FLAT-BED deliveries is based on mileage of delivery, available time frame and quantity.