Decorating the Interior of Your Shipping Container

Decorating the Interior of Your Shipping Container

If you have purchased your shipping container for business, a home office, pop up coffee shop or some other purpose, you may now want to start the process of decorating it. Modifications are meant to enhance the usefulness and functionality of your container. You can incorporate modifications into storage containers, job site offices, sports equipment storage, labs, commercial container storage and industrial applications.

Some common modifications are:

  • Windows: These not only enhance visibility to the outside world, but they can be opened to increase ventilation within the unit. And because you will have a good view of your work site, you can effectively supervise your staff. You can add metal grates onto your windows to protect them from debris that could cause damage, such as at a construction site.
  • Insulation: This will help to control temperature changes inside your container, increasing comfort on a job site while combating dramatic changes in temperature in the case of storing heat- and cold-sensitive items.
  • Ventilation: This allows air to circulate throughout the container while controlling the humidity and condensation inside. You can even choose custom sized vents and motorized vents.
  • Electrical work: This will help to power your container so you can then add lighting, heating and cooling as well as electrical outlets for electronics, tools and appliances.
  • Partition walls: Use these to create custom storage spaces within the container, especially useful in industrial and commercial storage applications. You can use partition walls and custom roll-up doors or garage doors to split larger containers into two or more customized spaces. Use one for function and the other for storage, for example.
  • Floor: Invest in high-quality flooring for mobile offices, for example, or add anti-slip protection for temporary labs and classrooms.
  • Custom shelving: Make use of vertical space by incorporating metal or wood shelving and cubbies to keep everything organized. From storage racks to shelves, the options are endless.

Decorating: Less is More

Whether you’re using a shipping container as a tiny home or a mobile burger joint, you’ll want to make modifications that are more decorative in nature and that boost the aesthetic appeal of the interior. Shipping container interiors tend to be quite utilitarian-looking if you fail to decorate.

It’s wise to use interior design techniques to best utilize the existing space you have so it seems bigger than it really is.

One way you can do this is to consider sliding doors or barn doors in lieu of standard swinging doors, which can waste lots of space. Sliding doors operate in a straight line between open and close positions. The swept area is zero, making these a far better choice for compact container homes.

Barn doors are a type of sliding door, and run along a track mounted on the exterior of the opening. Pocket doors are another type of sliding door, but they actually disappear into the wall, thereby saving even more space when they slide.

Furniture is another way you can save space while still ensuring a pretty and comfortable interior space. Choosing furniture that pulls double or triple duty as something else is always a wise idea. For instance, an ottoman with a cover that turns over to reveal a hard surface for resting coffee cups, or a futon that folds up when not in use and acts as a daybed.

Mirrors are another component you’ll want to incorporate in your small space because they may everything look bigger. The magic lies in how they create the illusion that your room extends past the plane of its reflective surface. Yes, windows would genuinely open up the space, but they can be costly in terms of lost energy and privacy. Mirrors, on the other hand, are cheaper, simpler, and not as permanent.

Custom built-in furniture is another option to reduce cleaning and to save space. Shelves, dressers, and wardrobes can be made as built-ins to fit exactly in the designated space. For instance, custom L or U-shaped couches will expand seating options and even give you hidden storage underneath!

As you can see, there are many things you can do to enhance and decorate your shipping container. Call us for more ideas.

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