How to Transform a Container into an Office

How to Transform a Container into an Office

With the shut-downs of last year’s pandemic continuing into 2021, more and more people are working from home. This is becoming a trend in the world of business, with many people setting up their own home office to operate out of either full time or part time. But if your home lacks the extra space for an adequate office, you may have to get creative.

Have you considered creating a home office out of a shipping container? It can be separate from the rest of the home, giving you the privacy and quiet you need, plus it’s quick to set up and cost effective too. All you may need are a few modifications to ensure your container gives you all the comforts of an actual office without all the fuss, cost and upkeep. Best part is, you get to stay home, being there for your family when needed, carting the kids around, doing laundry and making meals, with zero commute time.

Working from home comes with many benefits, such as:

  • More freedom.
  • More time to spend with family and friends.
  • Better work-life balance.
  • Tax write-offs.
  • Keeps your office space expenses low.

It’s possible to transform a new or used shipping container into a comfortable, functional home office.

Temporary Onsite Office Space

If working from home is a temporary endeavor for you, using a shipping container as onsite office space is wise from a financial and practical point of view. There’s no need to construct a permanent room or addition on your home, which translates to a more affordable and convenient solution.

You can put a container office pretty much anywhere, such as your back yard, no matter what the terrain or grade.

Why Are Shipping Containers Great For Office Conversions?

There are many reasons why shipping containers make for good office conversions.

  1. They’re strong. Constructed to withstand the rough conditions of the ocean, shipping containers are naturally made to accommodate a variety of uses under a variety of conditions. Because storage containers are weather-resilient, all your office documents and equipment will remain safe from the elements and secure against possible intruders.
  2. They’re mobile. Containers are easy and affordable to pick up and move should the need arise. That makes onsite containers especially ideal for project managers, construction foremen, real estate agents, architects, regional sales managers and anyone else who isn’t tied to one place for very long.
  3. They can be stacked. Need more room? Do you want to accommodate a few other office mates? No problem. Shipping containers are stackable to transform into a multiple story structure.
  4. They’re spacious. Containers provide enough room to outfit yourself with a standard office, from furniture and desks to printers and computers.
  5. They’re durable. Made to withstand outdoor conditions, shipping containers are rugged and durable, with weatherproofing features that ensure your belongings, furniture and electronics are protected at all times.
  6. They’re customizable. If you want to add other features to your office that didn’t come with the original unit, you can. This includes switching out the flooring, adding a lighting system, putting in new doors, and installing an air conditioner system.
  7. They’re affordable. It’s much cheaper to buy a shipping container as an office than to construct a permanent structure.

Modifications You May Need

There are a few modifications that may make your onsite office more functional, comfortable and secure for you. Common office modifications include:

  • Insulation
  • HVAC systems
  • Windows and doors
  • Shelving
  • Wiring, electrical and lighting for Internet, phone and lights
  • Flooring

You may also want to add a coat of fresh paint to the interior and add some decorative touches. If you bought used and there are some holes, scratches or dents, you’ll have to repair these first.

Doors and Windows

Doors are necessary for entry and exit, while windows are necessary for light and ventilation. Standard shipping containers typically come with double swing doors at either end of the unit, but if you want to customize your unit and put in a standard door with steps or a ramp, you can do so after the fact.

Once you know the requirements of your onsite office, you can start designing the perfect container for your needs.

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