Why You Should Use a Shipping Container For Your Next Marketing Event

Why You Should Use a Shipping Container For Your Next Marketing Event

You’ve probably already heard about all the things you can do with shipping containers, whether you use new containers or used containers to achieve them. From mobile office spaces and storage sites to tiny homes and pop up coffee shops, the possibilities are endless. Did you know you can even use shipping containers for marketing events? It’s true.

Experiential marketing is a proven strategy that gives companies an innovative way to attract potential customers and maintain market interest. It will give your customers a chance to engage with your brand and will create buzz about your products while increasing word-of-mouth influence.

Check out the ways you can use storage containers for your next marketing event.

Creative Solutions

As a business, you know how important it is to constantly reinvent yourself. Shipping container events are the next big thing. Not only are containers versatile and affordable, they can be utilized by multiple brands who are hosting many events over several locations. You are essentially bringing your brand to the people instead of the other way around. You can even stack one container over another, making for easier transportation and mobility.

Blank Canvases

Use your shipping container as a blank canvas upon which you can transform your space into anything at all, using immersive experiences. You can get super creative with your strategies without having to worry about a bunch of restrictions. Bonus: the industrial look provided by shipping containers is on-trend right now.

Create Unforgettable Experiences

Making your customers and potential customers say “wow, I have to check that out,” is essential to your business. Make their experience unforgettable now so your brand will be unforgettable in their minds later. If you’re a sneaker company, make your shipping container look like a giant sneaker. If you own a soda company, install vending machines inside so guests can walk in and personalize their cola.

Easy to Customize

The best part about using a shipping container for your marketing events is that they are highly customizable to the time, place and purpose. This is your chance to really shine creatively, making a space that is truly unique to your brand. Plus, shipping containers are easy to set up and then pack up when you’re done. Whether you’re going to a tradeshow, festival, or pop-up food truck event, your shipping container will be flexible in aligning with your specific needs. Customization also allows you to change the spaces you offer depending on the changing needs of your brand.


Shipping containers can withstand hard weather and lots of environmental hardships, such as extreme temperatures and rain storms. Their waterproof nature is especially important if you find yourself at a cold or rainy outdoor event. Plus, their metal roofs can take a lot of abuse, which means you can transport the unit wherever it needs to go and even stack other units on top of it.

Shipping containers won’t topple over in high winds, unlike tents that other companies use at tradeshows and other events.


Shipping containers are mobile and easy to transport, and often feature hydraulic doors and built-in ramps that allow you to quickly load and unload items while at a marketing event. Best part is, you don’t need an entire team to help you set up and break down. So, if you’re lacking manpower at any given event, it’s no big deal.

Ideal for Branding

A critical element of any unique marketing event is how you can attract people to your brand and stand out amongst a sea of competitors. A branded exterior will draw the attention of passersby and motor vehicle traffic, generating both buzz and brand awareness. The immersive experience allows guests to actually walk inside your container and experience what you have to offer. You can’t do that with a basic kiosk or a tent!

Kiosks and Pop-Ups

You can kick it up a notch when it comes to offering a kiosk or pop up event. You can use your container as a mini-retail or food service outlet, giving guests a unique shopping or retail experience with plenty of room for a counter, register, display area and seating. There are lots of modifications you can use to customize your container!

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