3 Ways to Repurpose Shipping Containers in Times of Crisis

3 Ways to Repurpose Shipping Containers in Times of Crisis

The shipping container industry, like all of America, has had a pretty shocking wake-up call over the last couple of months with this global pandemic. We’ve learned that we cannot get too complacent, and that even in the best of times, we have to plan for the worst. In good times, our customers use our shipping containers for a variety of everyday uses, such as storage of tools and equipment, at job sites, for storage of additional retail inventory, or home renovations.

We have seen many creative uses for our shipping containers over the years. But now more than ever before with the challenges posed by COVID-19, we are seeing our containers adapted for emergency situations. Here’s a look at the creative ways to repurpose shipping containers, especially in times of crisis.

1.  Growing and Farming

Take a walk through your local grocery store, especially in light of this global pandemic, and think about what the world would be like without food. Repurposed shipping containers can be converted into container farms – a popular use for this very reason. Not only are shipping containers modular and easy to ship, they are compact and self-contained, cheap and widely available.

Shipping containers – particularly those with high ceilings – allow you to stack growing trays for plants, vegetables and fruits. You can also modify your container in terms of lighting, humidity control and temperature. These shipping containers are perfect for climates where growing seasons are very short or in cases where land is at a premium.

2.  Emergency Storage and Drive-Through Windows

In times of national crisis, getting creative with resources is a must. Sometimes that entails the stockpiling of goods that may be needed in the future, such as gloves, medical devices, masks and other necessities. Storage containers offer an ideal temporary space for these needs.

In areas where remote offices may be needed, storage containers can be modified to include drive-up windows that can be locked at night to ensure the security of whatever the container holds.  You can set up these modified containers quickly and place them anywhere in order to be able to serve people in any location, from a department store parking lot to a remote rural pasture.

3.  Clinics, Triage Tents and Medical Waste Storage

During national emergencies and natural disasters, shipping containers can be used for non-traditional purposes such as triage tents, medical clinics, and medical waste storage units. You can place modified containers anywhere, from hospital parking lots to side streets so you can provide fast access to testing, office staff, or simply as a way to temporarily house the sick and keep them from entering the main building.

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