Are Container Homes Legal in Georgia?

Are Container Homes Legal in Georgia?

In a nutshell, yes they are. Shipping container homes are certainly a trending topic here in the United States, and they’re gaining in popularity every year. This growing trend has prompted many states that previously had restrictions on them to allow their use.

Here in Georgia, shipping container homes are indeed legal, which means they are allowed by the Georgia government and authorities. However, its construction and use must follow Georgia’s building codes and zoning laws. It must also be a standard home suitable to live in year round.

Shipping container homes got their start as simple shipping containers, making a beautiful and functional transformation into a home worthy of living in throughout winter and summer.

People in Georgia are choosing homes made from shipping containers at a high rate, keeping pace with those in the rest of the country. That’s because they know shipping containers are strong and durable, making them ideal to convert into tiny homes – or not-so-tiny homes.

More and More People are Getting on the Container Home Train

This trend has prompted the rise of shipping container home builders throughout Georgia. They can draw up architectural plans to meet the needs and desires of each individual homebuyer. You may wonder how shipping containers in their natural form (which can be quite generic looking and even ugly) can be transformed into a beautiful and functional work of art. But it’s certainly possible.

With a strong design sense, an eye for detail, and a splash of paint, any shipping container can combine with others to make the perfect home. You can use one, two, three or more containers to create the ideal size house you need. The big appeal of container homes, of course, is their low cost compared with the cost of traditional construction.

Plus, it takes much less time to construct a shipping container home than a traditionally constructed home.

So why are container homes exploring in popularity in Georgia, particularly Atlanta? Well, there is a good reason for this. This city is geographically and historically well-suited to accommodate shipping container homes, as it’s known as being a transportation and development hub for the region.

In fact, Atlanta is a well-known commercial center of the Southern United States, and has been that way for a long time. With a landscape so well suitable for urban and practical solutions like container homes, it’s no wonder such homes are on the rise in this area of the state. If you take a tour of Atlanta, you will see many shipping container homes dotting the community.

Following the Rules

At the time Georgia legalized the use of shipping containers as homes, the state also crafted specific laws and guidelines regarding their use. So just because they are legal here doesn’t mean you can just buy a container and make it into a home without following the rules. To protect the safety of the people who will be living in the home, you must follow all building codes and zoning laws.

You’ll have to appear before the proper Georgia building authorities to present your container home plan and get their approval. This will result in a permit, which you can then use to hire a contractor and begin work.

The permit for the overall use of the container home is the first step. You may also need several smaller permits, such as those for electrical work if you plan to install lighting, or even a washer and dryer.

In the end, it’s important to be patient when seeking permits. It can take weeks to get approval, and with COVID-19 delays, those weeks could turn into months. You’ll also have to think about hiring an architect who can draw up a plan of the type of home you want. If the plan meets Georgia standards, you should be good to go and there shouldn’t be anything standing in your way.

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