Freight Shipping Containers in Fayetteville, NC: Why Fayetteville, NC

When we talk about freight shipping containers in Fayetteville, NC, many people ask us: why Fayetteville?

The truth is, Fayetteville, NC is so centrally located and shipping hubs are so easily accessible.

Freight Shipping Containers Delivery

The first big shipping up within proximity to our freight shipping containers is Savannah, GA. Being the third largest shipping port in America, it’s at the crux of shipments entering the Atlantic and heading across seas to their final destination. Savannah is only a short 4 hour and 30-minute drive from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Often times freight shipping containers in Fayetteville, NC will be delivered full of their cargo to Savannah, GA for continued shipping by sea.

Another major port is Charleston, SC. The port was originally founded in 1942 and is owned and operated by the South Carolina Ports Authority. Fayetteville to Charleston, SC is a short 3 hour 30-minute minute drive to the port.

Freight shipping containers in Fayetteville, NC also are within close proximity to the shipping hub of Atlanta and other inland cities that connect our railway transport system across the country.

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