Rest Easy With Shipping Container Locks

Rest Easy With Shipping Container Locks

Safety and security: these are two top concerns for any organization that plans to store valuable items in their shipping containers. To keep them safe from curious eyes and would-be thieves, it’s imperative to lock up your container offices after hours, in an effort to protect the contents contained therein. Whether your storage container is being used for storing confidential documents, expensive goods, or costly pharmaceuticals, or you’re using it as an on-site office, shipping container locks bring you great peace of mind.

Being protective of your property starts with choosing the right locks. Not all shipping containers come with locks, and even those that do may require stronger after-market locks that can meet the security needs of your company. Here are some of the common built-in locking systems of shipping containers that you should know about, as well as additional shipping container locks as modifications for keeping contents safe and secure.

Shipping Container Security

It’s critical to note that storage containers are, in general, very secure units, trusted as cargo boxes that can travel across oceans delivering valuable goods. Manufacturers of shipping containers make these products out of heavy-duty Corten steel, into box shapes that result in sturdy yet stackable units that have useful lives of more than 25 years.

As manufacturers go about repurposing used containers, turning them into a variety of structures, shipping containers still maintain their excellent security. Even with extra doors added to improve accessibility, the security of the container is not compromised. Shipping container locks and a variety of other security modifications can help to maintain the unit’s security.

Built-In Shipping Container Locks

Shipping containers are manufactured with cargo doors that comprise the whole wall at the end of the unit. This allows for easy access in order to unload and load cargo. Container cargo doors are available with mechanisms that keep everything secure over long distances.

The double doors utilize a cam-and-lock system with steel bars to ensure doors stay fastened shut. This system tightly secures the doors in place so they don’t swing open and closed during transport. Each of the doors features two handles that allow the user to not only open the doors but lock them in place as well.

You can install additional security locks on the cargo doors’ opening seams. You may even want to install a lock box that conceals the storage container lock and guards against break ins. The lock box ensures the lock can’t get cut with bolt cutters or saws.

More Shipping Container Locks

If you do not need to have operable cargo doors, you can install roll-up doors, personnel doors, or other options that provide access to the structure. These doors need their own locking systems, which vary depending on what your security priorities are.

With personnel doors, latch guards can be installed along the opening’s seam. These are flat pieces of metal that go over the locks and that are bolted from the inside. These guards are in place to act as a deterrent to thieves, making it even more difficult to break in. Plus, they’re easy to install.

You may choose to have a code-protected lock entry to keep your container secure. In that case, you can install keypad entry locks, which are considered an upgrade from a standard deadbolt lock. These are wise choices for private offices, for example. You may program the keypads with entry codes that keep unwanted visitors out.

Beyond Shipping Container Locks

Additional security modifications can be added to your storage container as necessary. Every company has different needs in terms of their security protocols. For instance, some companies want their container windows to include burglar bars, which serve to further deter intruders. As you go about designing your shipping container structure, despite its intended purpose, you will want to think about augmenting its security with the proper security modifications to suit your business.

As you can see, there are many locks on the market to choose from depending on your needs. Do your homework, ask questions, and then make an informed decision.

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