Shipping Container vs. Storage Shed: Which One Should You Get?

Shipping Container vs. Storage Shed: Which One Should You Get?

If you have some a lot of stuff that you don’t need on a regular basis but still need access when you want it, you may consider a backyard storage shed. But have you considered a storage container instead?

Traditionally, backyard storage sheds are made of wood or vinyl. However, a new trend is being seen in backyards across the country: repurposed shipping containers in place of sheds. These shipping containers have many advantages over wood or vinyl sheds.

Advantages to Shipping Containers


One of the biggest benefits to using a shipping container as a storage shed is its affordability in terms of cost per square foot. For example, a new container that measures 20’ long x 8’ wide x 8.5’tall costs about $3,475, equal to nearly $22 per square foot. In contrast, a typical 12′ x 12′ shed can cost between $4,300 (equal to about $30 per square foot) and up to $6,000. Thus, storage containers offer a cost savings of more than $8 per square foot when looking at shed prices at your local big box store.


Another advantage to using shipping containers is that they are better constructed, using heavy-duty Corten steel. Containers can be painted with a high-quality industrial paint that will protect the steel for years to come, with the underside being factory sprayed with a special undercoating that’s rot-resistant.

You don’t get that same protection with a shed, unless you’re purchasing a very expensive vinyl shed. If you have a wooden shed, you will have to re-paint it every few years, or you risk rotting, splitting and cracking.

Containers are built to last and very strong, withstanding the weight of six fully-loaded containers stacked on top. Floors are typically comprised of one-inch thick treated marine grade plywood, featuring “C” channel cross members, so you get peace of mind knowing you can safely store your lawn mowers, quads, tractors, mini excavators, and other heavy equipment inside.


It’s no secret that sheds are very difficult to keep mice and other critters out of. All it takes is a hole as small as a quarter inch in diameter for a mouse to squeeze through. Once inside, mice are destructive, making nests, chewing through material and wires, and even setting up house in the engine compartment of your lawn mower. This can all be expensive to repair, not to mention the aggravation it causes. Containers, on the other hand, are mouse proof, with double gasketed doors that form a tight weather, insect, and mouse proof seal.  

Site Preparation

Shipping containers need very little in the way of site preparation. As long as the ground is fairly level, a container can be placed down right on dirt, concrete, asphalt or crushed stone. Site preparation for a shed is more involved. Set-up of a container takes about 10 minutes – a one-person job. Set-up for a traditional wooden shed requires multiple people, which will cost you more money and time.


The best advantage of storage containers over sheds is their security, built to keep out even the most motivated thieves. You can’t break into a shipping container unless you have power tools, whereas, you only need a crowbar and hammer to get into a shed within seconds.

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