When is Buying a New Storage Container the Wise Option?

When is Buying a New Storage Container the Wise Option?

Buying new is always an advantage if you can afford it and your needs match these requirements. Just like buying a brand new car, you are assured that you are the only owner, that nothing is wrong with it, no one drove it like a crazy person, and you know the condition it was in when you drove it off the lot.

With used anything, you are taking a gamble. That’s why buying a new shipping container makes sense in many cases. If you require excellent condition, long life, and pristine appearance, you will want to buy new. Also, sometimes a new container is a fulfillment of shipper requirement.

In any case, here’s why buying a new storage container is the wise option. New storage containers are…

Ready to Go

New, one trip containers are in seaworthy condition when you buy them, ready to be loaded and transported. With no repairs necessary, you can be assured of quick loading and shipping with none of the snafus that may come with buying a used one. Your cargo and freight needs may require the use of a totally new container. In this case, you can buy with confidence knowing your container is ready to get going right away.

Able to be Customized

This is another great benefit. When you buy new, you can customize the look and function of your storage container, from the paint color to any modifications you require. Special orders are possible when you buy new, so if you want custom colors or business logos incorporated, this is doable.

A Smart Financial Investment

If you are a large company with the capital to spend and the long-term need for shipping containers, buying new is a smart investment. Perhaps you are a project manager in a construction company that handles multiple jobs all at the same time. You know you’ll always need portable storage solutions, so buying new is a good idea. Plus, you know you will always have access to equipment that can transport that container from site to site as needed.

Smaller contractors, on the other hand, may not have the extra capital to invest because they don’t know when or where their next project may be. For them, buying used or renting are better options.

Cost Effective

Larger companies consistently need storage, which means they will eventually lose money by renting. If you think you’ll need to rent a container for more than 18 months, you should buy it outright instead. This timeframe is when purchasing a new container becomes the more responsible financial decision.

Brand New With no Corrosion

New ocean-going containers are made with Corten steel corrugated panels and doors, which resists corrosion. This means you get a longer lifespan out of your container. You know what you’re getting with a new container. For example, certified ISO standards ensure units can be moved and loaded with up to 30 tons of gross weight, which is the standard in the international shipping industry.

Your new unit can handle forklift loading and unloading. Plus, ISO cargo containers are manufactured under strict guidelines and certified by Lloyd’s Register and Bureau Veritas. There is no guesswork with a new container. You are the first to use it, and therefore you are in control of its condition.

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