Choosing the Right Exterior Door For Your Shipping Container

Choosing the Right Exterior Door For Your Shipping Container

Shipping containers are known as being reliable, secure, affordable and most of all, mobile. But they’re also super convenient, partly due to the versatility you have when adding doors. When choosing doors for your modified container, consider the level of accessibility you intend for the structure, asking yourself these questions:

  • How will I use the container?
  • How often will my employees need access to the container?
  • Will I be storing over-sized items inside the container?
  • Will anyone be living or working in the container?

Once you have answered these questions, you can better select from the following door options.

Cargo Doors

These are heavy-duty, weather-tight, and secure swinging doors that are usually situated at the container’s end. Using a cam and lock system, this ensures all contents remain protected against theft and the weather.

Use cargo doors if:

  • You need to place large items inside the container easily, possibly by forklift.
  • Immediate convenience is not a priority.

Personnel Doors

Crafted of steel, these are welded into the wall of the container so that the structure is wind- and water-resistant. The insulated core of the personnel door will keep the container cool in summer and warm in winter. These doors also come equipped with a deadbolt and steel handle for the utmost in security so you can keep important documents and valuables safe. If you need extra security, you can always add a keypad entry.

Use a personnel door if:

  • The container is going to be used as a portable office building, living space, or storage space.
  • The interior of the container must be accessed frequently, with the ability to walk in and out.

Roll-Up Doors

Also referred to as overhead doors, these lift from the bottom and roll up inside the container. You can easily latch them and lock them, plus they’re quite lightweight. They’re welded into the container wall, with installation possible along the side walls or at the end. You may be able to opt for an add-on rain pan that helps to keep rainwater out.

Use a roll-up door if:

  • You plan on storing large equipment in the container.
  • You will need to access the contents of the container frequently.

Sliding Glass Doors

The height and width of double wide personnel doors, this type of door is made of durable glass framed with vinyl. They’re available with secure locks for minimal protection but keep in mind the doors are transparent and are more inviting of theft.

Use a sliding glass door if:

  • You are using the container as an office, store front or living space.
  • You are looking for a stylish design and plenty of natural light.

Door Combinations

You may want to consider multiple entryways if you have a very large container or you are using it as a working or living space. In fact, extra doors are the most popular modification that people choose.

The design of any shipping container should fit your specific needs and budget. Whether you want more convenience or you want more light, there is a shipping container door out there for you.

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