Why Use a Shipping Container as a Garage?

Why Use a Shipping Container as a Garage?

If you’ve always wanted more space for your cars, tools and equipment, now’s the time. Don’t have the space in your home or existing garage? Why not extend the space with a shipping container garage?

You can add extra garage space at a fraction of the cost of a traditional garage expansion or addition. Here we will talk about why a shipping container garage may work for you.

Shipping Container Garages Cost Less and Save Time

First off, you can save money by converting a shipping container into a garage, as compared with investing in building a brand new garage from the ground up. Shipping container garages are a much quicker and cheaper option for homeowners.

When you build a brick and mortar garage, you have to pull permits and hire contractors and sub-contractors, which takes time and money. A shipping container garage, on the other hand, is a more cost effective way of adding more square footage to your home.

Shipping Container Garages Are Versatile

If a single shipping container won’t be enough for your storage needs, go with two or more. You can configure them in any way you like, so you’re not tied down to one permanent design like with traditional construction.

A single shipping container provides eight feet of width and 40’ of length; when you add a second container, you get a total of 16 feet in width. This is plenty of space to store any car or toy such as an ATV. To combine containers, you have to remove one side of each container and then add a roll-up door. Other options include personnel doors or windows. Even with these modifications, a double container garage costs less than traditional construction.

Shipping Container Garages Are More Secure

Security is probably high on your list as a homeowner, especially if you’re storing valuable things in your garage. Because shipping containers are made of corrugated Corten steel designed to withstand the harshest of weather, they can protect your cars and equipment from the elements and theft. You can also add after-market locks for additional security against thieves.

Shipping Containers Are Easy to Install

All you have to do is prepare the site for shipping container delivery and your job is done. You’ll have to add a sturdy foundation and make sure you have plenty of space for the truck to deliver the unit.

Shipping Container Garages Are Portable

If you ever move, you can take your garage with you. Portability is a major advantage to shipping container garages. Just try to do that with a standard garage!

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