7 Must-Ask Questions When Renting a Storage Container

7 Must-Ask Questions When Renting a Storage Container

Whether you’re looking to rent a shipping container for additional storage, want to set up a mobile office or create a home base for your construction project, it’s critical to do your homework before you make a decision on a provider. That means you have to ask a lot of questions. Then, once you have collected several rates to make comparisons and have gotten answers to your queries, you can make an informed decision.

Check out these seven must-ask questions you should pose before renting a storage container.

#1: What sizes and/or types of containers do you have?

This varies by provider, of course, but most will offer several containers in various sizes and types. Here at Transocean Equipment Management, we offer many different container sizes, such as:

  • 10 ft.
  • 16 ft.
  • 20 ft.
  • 24 ft.
  • 40 ft.
  • 45 ft.
  • Standard height (8.5′ high) or high-cubes (9.5′ high)

They all have different purposes. Some are great for on-site storage while others are best used for mobile offices. Think about your time frame, intended usage and budget before making a selection.

#2: Do I need a permit?

Before you rent any container, it’s wise to look into any rules about containers in your city or town. Get in touch with your city or county to find out if there are local ordinances against containers.

#3: How much delivery space is required?

You need enough open space for the delivery driver to maneuver and drop off the container safely. You’ll find that most containers are delivered on a tilt bed truck. This means the surrounding area has to be obstacle- and debris-free and it has to be flat. Inspect the access path to make sure there’s at least 14 feet of clearance between the ground and overhead obstructions, like building overhangs, trees, and utility lines. A loaded tilt bed truck needs about a 12-foot wide clearance.

#4: How long will it take to receive my storage container?

It usually takes one to three business days from receipt of your order to drop off your storage container.

5: How long does the actual delivery take?

It usually takes 30 minutes or less to deliver a container. Drivers like to stay on schedule, so be ready for them. They make several deliveries of containers per day, so if one delivery exceeds an hour, the others will all have delays with rescheduling necessary. You don’t want to get charged an additional hour on-site, so make sure you’re ready.

#6: How long is the rental period for?

Standard rental container periods are posted on 28-day terms, collecting the delivery charge, first rent and security deposit up-front.

#7: What can the containers be used for?

It will all depend on your intended usage, but it’s possible to tent containers for:

  • Construction storage
  • Job site storage
  • Self-storage facilities
  • Inventory storage
  • Mobile field office
  • Tool storage
  • Overflow equipment storage
  • Workshops
  • Movable exhibition spaces
  • Agriculture storage
  • Break rooms and lunch rooms
  • School buildings and surplus supplies

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