How to Convert a Shipping Container into a Tiny Home

How to Convert a Shipping Container into a Tiny Home

In the last few years, the concept of tiny homes has been hitting the design and real estate world. More and more people are ditching the commitments and high prices of large mortgages and huge homes, and opting for small homes made out of storage containers.

Here’s how you can use a storage container to achieve the perfect homestead that underlines your new minimalist lifestyle!

Make Sure to Plan Ahead

If you plan to use a cargo container as the basis for your tiny house, the first step to staying within your budget is to have a plan. If you neglect having a budget and schedule, costs can get out of control quickly. All the savings you thought you’d be taking advantage of with a tiny house can evaporate without some restrictions. Be sure to map out the amount of room you will need, take detailed measurements and think about how many stories you want your tiny house to be.

Avoid Silly Mistakes

Make sure to check with your town or community about the zoning, building and planning regulations. Don’t assume just because it’s a tiny house that you won’t need to follow the rules. Many cities have strict guidelines regarding zoning issues and construction regulations. If you don’t work these out beforehand, those oversights can get expensive in the end. Do this before you even buy a cargo container and start converting it. Know where you want to put it and what your city’s rules are.

Do Your Research

Before you buy a shipping container, understand what you’re getting. This is especially true of used containers. Some have been used more than others, and this wear and tear will show up in many ways. Make sure you inspect it in person so you can make note of any damage and its current condition. Remember: once you buy it, you’re the owner. If you get it home and don’t like its condition, yet you were given a chance to inspect it, you have no recourse.

Prioritize Needs vs. Wants

When building a home of any size, your budget can get out of control quickly. Create a list of things on which you are willing to spend money, vs. those on which you can skimp. Make sure you add enough storage so your tiny house can at least accommodate your basic needs. List out the most expensive things first so you will know if you have enough padding in the budget to take on some of the extras you want.

Tiny house living is the latest trend, but this doesn’t mean you should skip all the planning and budgeting. It all starts with finding a reputable shipping container company.

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