How to Keep Your Shipping Container Roof in Tip-Top Shape

How to Keep Your Shipping Container Roof in Tip-Top Shape

You may not think about it often, but the roof of your shipping container is put under a lot of stress on the daily. It takes the brunt of all kinds of weather, not to mention it accumulates debris very quickly due to its flat surface. Be sure to pay special attention to this portion of your container if you want it to last the test of time without costly, unnecessary repairs.

1.    Deal With a Reputable Source

Quality is important. There are literally thousands of shipping containers on the market for purchase at any one time, so it’s critical that you do your homework in investigating the quality of the container you select. You’ll also want to research the capabilities of the manufacturer before you commit to a sale. Check the age of the container, being on the lookout for significant damage. Here at Transocean Equipment Management, we carefully select the types of containers we sell and rent, making sure they’re of the highest quality.

2.    Keep Weight off the Roof

Another thing to consider is the structural strength of your container. This will depend greatly on the strength of the castings at each corner. These are the reinforced areas of the container, and are actually more important than the roof itself when it comes to strength. Refrain from walking across the roof or storing heavy items there. It will bow and flex under too much weight. If you require rooftop access or storage, request that the manufacturer reinforce the roof.

3.    Remove Water, Ice, Snow and Debris

Yes, shipping container roofs are very durable and resilient, but do your part by being conscious of what is accumulating on top. Regularly remove standing water, snow, and ice that can build up on the roof. Letting those elements accumulate will put undue pressure on the roof and container. Ignoring ponding water can lead to thinning metal, rust or moisture accumulation. Be sure to clear off the roof after all significant weather events.

4.    Remove Dirt and Surface Rust

Use a commercial cleaner, bleach, or anti-mildew solution to remove all rust and dirt from the roof. You can do this with a hose and broom. If there are large dents, holes, scratches or rust spots, call a professional to fix these issues or even repaint the container if the damage is significant enough.

5.    Regularly Inspect the Roof

Regularly maintaining and caring for the roof of your shipping container will ensure a longer lifespan. Second-hand containers can get dented if other containers have been stacked on top. What happens? Those dents start collecting rain water which in turn leads to corrosion or chipped paint. Make sure all dents are repaired right away, treating them with rust-proof paint to prevent corrosion from occurring.

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