8 Benefits of Modular Construction

8 Benefits of Modular Construction

Modular structures can serve as temporary or permanent buildings, extra classrooms, office spaces and more. Using a shipping container or other modular unit for your structure uses fewer materials, takes less time to build and maintains its durability throughout its lifespan. If you’re looking for an easier way to preserve space, time, and money, consider shipping containers and other specialized units.

Check out these eight benefits to modular construction, which can be used for anything from warehouse storage to offices to homes. We hope these tips guide you in making the best possible decision on a modular structure or shipping container near you.

1.  No Impact on Business

If you’re using a modular structure or shipping container for your business, there will be little to no impact on your business operations. They can be set up fast and on-site, which means there’s zero downtime in productivity for you and your staff. This means you can keep making money and serving your customers while saving money and time on construction costs. In fact, you are taking away about 80 percent of construction from your site.

2. Environmentally-Friendly

You’re helping the environment when you use containers and modular structures. Why? They take fewer materials to construct and the materials that are used are sustainable and recycled products. Do your part to reduce your carbon footprint and be eco-friendly with a shipping container unit.

3. Cost Effective

Modular units need less room and less labor to construct, with less time to build as well. This saves you money and time, which leaves you with the most reasonable and affordable payment options.

4. Beautiful

Because you can put them together in any way you choose, and decorate and paint them how you want, modular structures are aesthetically appealing to many people. With newer, more modern designs and colors to choose from than ever before, you can really up the ante when it comes to the beauty of the finished products. The result is a unique structure that will spark conversation among guests and visitors.

5. Flexibility

Modular units are flexible and can be used for a variety of purposes. Not only can you choose the size you want, you can even attach the main structure to an existing business space, garden, property, home or building so you can add more square footage to your usable space at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction.

You can grow in size as quickly or as slowly as you want, using the container for any purpose such as:

  • Job Site Offices
  • Barriers
  • Construction Site Storage
  • Storm Bunkers
  • Garden Shed
  • Hay Storage Barn
  • Firework Stands
  • Inventory Storage
  • Sports Equipment Storage

This flexibility draws many people to storage units and other modular structures.

6. Mobility

Storage containers are adaptable and mobile, meaning you can use them for virtually any purpose, plus you can move them wherever you want to suit your needs. Their adaptable nature make these containers an attractive choice for many job site foremen, real estate agents and others who have to constantly pick up and move their headquarters as their jobs demand.

7. Durability

Modular structures and storage containers are crafted from strong materials, such as Corten steel, that are able to withstand environmental or physical demands, such as wind, rain, and snow. If you live in an area where the weather can change rapidly and tends to be very harsh, this is a great choice for a structure that can take all the abuse Mother Nature can throw at it.

8. Fewer Labor Costs

Yet another benefit of shipping container structures is the associated reduced costs for construction labor. With a modular building, there’s also not as much maintenance or need for renovations as a traditional building would pose. This naturally saves you money on labor and construction costs. If you’re looking to protect your bottom line, a storage container or modular structure would be the way to go.

The above benefits make modular structures a wise choice over traditional buildings.

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