Your Guide to Shipping Container Maintenance

Your Guide to Shipping Container Maintenance

Even the highest quality shipping containers need some amount of maintenance on a regular basis to ensure a long lifespan. From being mindful of how heavy your stored items are to clearing debris from the roof every now and then, here are some tips on how you can properly maintain your new or used shipping container, no matter what its purpose.

Buy From a Reputable Company

When considering shipping container companies, it’s imperative that you do thorough research. Not all companies are the same. Some have more years of experience than others, while some only offer certain services and not a comprehensive list. Some have great reviews across the board, while others may seem sketchy.

You want your shipping container to last the test of time, obviously. That starts with purchasing the unit from a reputable source. Be aware of the various types of containers you can buy. For example, there are two types of used shipping containers: “one-trip” and “used.”

“One-trip” containers are those that have been in the ocean just once as they traveled overseas to your destination. “Used” containers may have made several transocean trips, and usually feature more wear and tear than one-trip containers. The level of maintenance you give your container will depend on which type it is.

Be Aware of Weight

You may think that just because you have a lot of room in your storage container that you can pile it high with heavy stuff. Not so. It’s best not to store lots of heavy objects in your container. By the same token, you want to lessen the amount of weight on your roof, so never store heavy objects up there either.

Shipping containers tend to support the bulk of the weight at the four corners, which is why you don’t want to place a heavy object across the roof. If you absolutely need to store stuff up top, make sure the bulk of those objects lands on the corners.

Clear Debris, Water, Ice or Snow Off the Roof

On a regular basis and particularly after a storm, clear debris from the top of the roof to avoid cave-ins. Anything from standing water and leaves to snow and ice can weaken the Corten steel material. Eventually, it will rust and get thinner. After extreme weather, take a look at the roof and make sure you get off all debris.

Perform Climate Control System Maintenance

Following your manufacturer’s recommendations, perform regular system maintenance on containers with AC units. Be sure to change the filters, and hire a professional to tackle all maintenance, service or repair issues that may crop up.

Inspect the Container For Rust, Dents, Scratches, and Moisture

You can place your shipping container in the most protected place possible and it will still be vulnerable to rust, dents, scratches and moisture. Taking care of these problems when they first occur will ensure they don’t worsen and lead to bigger, more costly problems. Set up a schedule to inspect the unit, such as once every couple of weeks or every month, then stick to it.

Keep Dust and Rust at Bay

Be sure to remove any accumulating dirt and rust you may notice on the exterior of your container. Give it a good wash, using basic commercial soap and water, or even a mild bleach, and a hose. Use a broom beforehand to get off loose, dry debris. If you see large rust spots, call a professional to remove it so they don’t lead to holes.

Replace Caulking and Weather Stripping Annually

Moisture can have disastrous effects on your container, especially if left to sit. If you had caulking or weather stripping in the corners before, you should check on that every once in a while. If it starts to crack or peel, replace the caulk or weather stripping to ensure a longer life for your container. Plus, it will help your climate control system become more efficient.

There are many ways you can maintain your shipping container, as seen above, so that it lasts as long as it was intended to.

Contact Transocean Equipment Management

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