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How to Buy a Shipping Container

When looking to buy a shipping container you need to look for quality. You want your cargo protected from weather and those that may steal. Remember, you plan on placing valuable items within the container so you need something that is durable to protect them during their journey.

Important Steps Before You Buy a Shipping Container

Step 1: Select Container Size

The first step is to select your container size. Most shipping containers come as 20’ shipping containers and 40’ shipping containers. These are both considered standard size shipping containers at approximately 8 ft. wide and 8.6 ft. high.

20’ Shipping Container

The 20’ shipping container works well for shipping in most circumstances. It is excellent for shipping, and for storage. Usually fits into an area close to the size of a parking space and is easier to transport, than larger size containers, because it can be put on a smaller and more maneuverable vehicle.

dry freight 20 ft shipping container specs

40′ Shipping Container

The 40’ shipping container is the most common shipping container. They offer exceptional value for money and considerable internal space. Below, are detailed dimensions of the container for reference. Because 40’ shipping containers are larger you typically need fewer of them and can fit more cargo into each one.

40 ft dry freight shipping containers

Step 2: Select Container Style

In order to determine your container style, you need to know what you are going to be shipping or what you are using it for. If you are shipping equipment then perhaps a Dry Freight shipping container will work for you. Or if you are shipping some goods that need refrigeration then there are refrigerated shipping containers to choose from. There are also open top shipping containers that are available which are great for cargo that needs to be loaded from the top. Another option for shipping container styles is the flat rock shipping container. These type of containers are excellent for cargo that needs to be loaded from the top or sides like machinery or pipes.

Step 3: Inspect the Container

Make sure your purchase is quality and that your cargo will be well protected. Make sure there are no gigantic dents or that the doors do not close properly. There may be slight rust on an used shipping container; however, make sure that there are no spots that have been rusted through. Steel containers are great and very durable for most cargo shipping.

Step 4: Make Your Purchase

You have found you a great container for shipping and now you are ready to buy. You and the seller have negotiated a great deal and time to close. Make the purchase and rest assured that you made an informed decision and got a great deal in the process.

Where to Buy a Shipping Container

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