Freight Shipping Containers As Houses

We’ve seen a lot of uses for freight shipping containers in our area. Mostly people use freight shipping containers as a means of storage. During the holidays stores will keep extra items and merchandise; construction sites will stores valuable equipment; individuals will keep items they need protected from the weather elements… the storage ideas are endless. But this idea for freight shipping containers, we could help but share it with you:

Freight Shipping Containers Construction Material

Freight shipping containers used as the main construction material for a house!

And it hasn’t just happened once! The first U.S. multi-family condo using used freight shipping containers is scheduled to break ground in Detroit this year. Upwards of 25 million 20’ containers and 40’ containers are transported around the U.S. ports per year. They carry everything from toys, to electronics, car parts, clothing, and much more. After a while travel does take a toll on freight shipping containers and they much be retired. Usually to be sold as durable storage on location. But now, architects and designers are looking to turn used freight shipping containers into houses.

Why freight shipping containers? Well they’re durable and secure, stable and reliable. Even used, they offer a solid foundation. They also stack together easily, making the design possibilities endless. They also are designed high winds, salt water and air, and they can hold up to 60,000 lbs.

Some builders and architects warn that while innovative, freight shipping containers should not be considered affordable or low-cost building material because the cost of up fitting and creating a suitable living environment still remains. However other designers, like those behind Vancouver’s first social housing project made of freight shipping containers, think the use of them is cost effective.

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