How Can You Keep Your Storage Container From Rusting?

How Can You Keep Your Storage Container From Rusting?

Rust is never a good thing when it comes to your shipping container. It slowly eats away at the steel, making holes that get bigger and more jagged as the months wear on. You want the most out of your investment, right? Well, you need to perform regular maintenance so such deterioration doesn’t occur.

Rust will reduce the lifespan of your container like nothing else. Yes, containers are made of heavy-duty steel, which will slow down the advancement of rust, but it’s not immune to corrosion’s effects.

Shipping container rust originates from oxidation that occurs from contact with moisture. Untreated dings and dents also invite rust because they have lost their protective paint layer. Protect your container from water infiltration and fix dents immediately to improve not only the appearance of the unit but its lifespan as well.

Here are some tips to prevent rust from occurring.

Keep Your Container Dry

Make sure your container remains dry and away from sources of water and harsh weather. Long-term exposure to water from the ground or trees can quickly start the spread of rust.

Place a Tarp Over the Unit

Place a thick plastic tarp over the container when not in use, especially if you live in a rainy or snowy climate. The tarps will provide protection against direct exposure to snow, rain, hail, and heavy winds that can send branches and rocks flying into the container. If you still want to use your container while protecting it, pitch the tarp over the unit like a tent.

Keep it Off Soft or Wet Ground

Put your container on a foundation of some kind, such as a concrete slab or two railroad ties, to prevent the bottom from coming into contact with moisture. This will keep your container off wet or soft ground such as dirt, gravel, grass, or sand, and it will keep bugs from getting inside too. Plus, it will encourage air flow under the container so it can dry out after rain.

Gable the Roof ​

Many older shipping containers develop small dents on the roof after being stacked during overseas transport. These concave dents can pool water, which can lead to rust. Prevent this pooling of water by placing a 4×4 wood plank at the low point of the roof and pushing it into the ceiling with a jack. Now, the water will roll right off.

Pressure Wash Mud

Containers often get caked with mud. To get it off, wash it off with a hose or a pressure washer. This is also a good way to prep your container for a new paint job.

Get Rid of Surface Rust Immediately

The good thing about surface rust is that it hasn’t yet reached the internal layer and can still be treated. But if you leave surface rust untreated, it will make holes eventually. For minimal rust, scrape it away with a wire brush, then use a damp cloth to wipe away particles.

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