What Are Modular Press Boxes?

What Are Modular Press Boxes?

If you own or manage a stadium, rink or field for a school or town, have you ever thought of adding a press box? If you already have one, is it old and unsafe, or too expensive to operate? Before the season gets underway, think of a new option: shipping containers.

Shipping container press boxes feature a unique design that will impress everyone who visits the stadium, from the home team to the away visitors. Plus, they offer a spacious and efficient workspace for media professionals so they can closely observe whatever sporting event is going on at the time.


Shipping containers can be modified to create comfortable, attractive, and functional press boxes, giving you complete design flexibility. From baseball and soccer to football and lacrosse, modular press boxes are an affordable and mobile way to view the activities. Press boxes are designated spaces where coaches, commentators, and members of the media enjoy an optimal vantage point for viewing sporting events. They also act as hubs for reporting on the action or crafting stories for the local paper.


An Eco-Friendly Choice

Shipping container press boxes can be customized to meet your specifications. You can choose any layout you want, plus you can add on features such as bleachers. You can even use two or more shipping containers linked together for additional space. These adaptable structures are more affordable than standard construction methods because they don’t need brick and mortar materials. There is also a decreased construction time with shipping container press boxes.

This smart, eco-friendly choice utilizes repurposed materials so you’re not contributing more waste to the landfills. People will appreciate your dedication to making the community safer and cleaner.


You will be surprised at how comfortable and modern shipping container press boxes can be. They have just as many features as traditionally constructed press boxes, from high-end interiors and flooring to tables and electronics. Choose from the type of insulation, framing materials, and wall coverings you want.


The best part is, you can wire your custom press box to support electricity, Internet and A/V connectivity. There are many window and door designs you can choose from that open up the space and allow for plenty of ventilation and viewing areas.

Not only is a repurposed shipping container eye-catching and unique, it’s a cost effective method of saving your team or school money.

Benefits of Shipping Container Press Boxes

Check out these main reasons why a shipping container press box is a good idea for stadiums, schools and more.

1.     They Are Strong and Durable

Shipping containers were built to carry heavy loads and withstand harsh environments, so it stands to reason they could more than handle the demands of a stadium press box. Plus, you can stack them up to eight high. They are safe and secure enough to hold all your valuable equipment such as electronics and sports gear.

2.     They Are Eco-Friendly

Without sacrificing quality or comfort, shipping containers are smart eco-friendly choices that can help save the environment. For example, a 40-ft shipping container weighs 8,000 pounds, and when you repurpose that container, you’re not adding all that usable steel to the waste stream. You can also reduce or eliminate the need for traditional building materials such as cement, wood and bricks.

3.     They Have a Modular Design

It’s easy to transport shipping containers by ship, rail or truck due to the fact that they already adhere to standard shipping sizes. Because of their modular design, you can link or stack several units together if you need one big structure.

4.     They Are Cost Effective

Compared with brick and mortar structures, shipping containers are easy on the wallet. You can also add modifications quite affordably, and you don’t have to pay for labor. Plus, there are no delays related to construction like you would get with a traditional structure.

5.     They Can Be Customized

Shipping container press boxes are easily customized to your specifications and delivered to your site just how you want them. This means you get the most unique press box possible – one that no one else will have. The sky’s the limit when it comes to layouts, as you can select from any framing material and insulation type you want, as well as windows, doors, floors and paint.

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