Shipping Containers as Co-Working Offices

Shipping Containers as Co-Working Offices

There are many ways you can use shipping containers, and one of those ways is for an office space. Not only are they more affordable than traditional office spaces, they’re environmentally friendly because they’re made from recyclable materials. They also happen to be portable, which adds an extra convenience.

Their versatility allows them to be customized to fit your unique needs, with a variety of sizes to choose from. Shipping containers are increasingly being used for co-working spaces, offering more flexibility than traditional offices.

Co-Working Space: Defined

This is a communal workspace where people can conduct business. There are many benefits to working in such a collaborative environment, from better communication to increased productivity.

Here are some top benefits of shipping container communal offices.

1.    Increased Creativity and Productivity

In a traditional office setting, workers are surrounded by people who are all doing the same job. This can be distracting and doesn’t lend itself to creativity. In a co-working space, by contrast, everyone is working on different types of projects, which leads to better creativity and productivity. Why? Each individual is surrounded by talented people each with a unique skill set that can be shared.

2.    Networking Opportunities

In a traditional office, most people are only concerned with the problems impacting them the most. In a co-working space, there are professionals from different backgrounds coming together for all sorts of reasons but they are less territorial when it comes to what affects them professionally.

Thus, networking opportunities are born that can lead to new and varied job opportunities, business ventures and more diverse teams.

3.    Reduced Overhead Costs

Using shipping containers as co-working spaces will slash how much overhead is necessary to run the business. Instead of paying high monthly rent on a large office or building, you only have to rent a few shipping containers, which reduces monthly expenses and allows you to fund other, more important things.

4.    Improved Flexibility

Instead of being bound to long-term leases that use up your capital for years with a traditional office building, shipping container office spaces don’t come with restrictive leases.

5.    Improved Productivity

Because of the open floor plan, container offices lead to more collaboration and thus increased productivity. Everyone has a clear view of everyone else and knows what is going on at any given time.

Types of Co-Working Offices

There are many different types of shipping container offices to choose from, such as:

  • The Standard Container Office: This is a standard shipping container that’s been converted into a co-working space. It’s versatile and affordable, and can be used for any number of purposes.
  • Modular Container Office: This is a flexible option that’s customized to meet your business needs. You can divide this office into multiple rooms, with built-in HVAC systems and access to wi-fi.
  • Container Office Suite: This is great if you’re looking for high-end office space complete with all the amenities you want from a traditional office space, such as conference rooms, reception area, restrooms and a kitchenette.


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