What Storage Container Modifications Will You Consider in Fayetteville NC?

What Storage Container Modifications Will You Consider in Fayetteville NC?

Shipping containers can be made bigger and better with modifications after the fact. From sports lockers and cafes to gyms and studios, there are so many cool things you can do with a shipping container in Fayetteville NC. This city is known as the “Athens of the Ozarks”, the seven hills that surround it, and its innovative spirit. If you’re planning on buying a storage container here, read on.

To accommodate your chosen usage, you can choose from several modifications that range from shelving and ventilation to HVAC and accessories. If you need to make storage modifications in Fayetteville, home to 355,000, here are some ways to make them stand out.


Most storage containers have marine-grade moisture-resistant flooring, and you can upgrade from there if you need to, especially if you plan to convert the space into a mobile office, conference room, or training room. You could go with vinyl flooring with wood plank design, as an example.

But if you plan on making a mobile restroom, you will need something more durable and easy to clean, such as a slip-resistant polyvinyl floor. For portable gyms, rubber or soft mat flooring is best.


When used for business purposes, paint or wrap your container with your brand and logo. You can even slap on some signage of contact information with hours in the form of magnetic signs. This allows you to make changes frequently, and is ideal for businesses with increased visibility needs for promotion.

Interior Paint

You won’t find many standard shipping containers that come with interior paint. This means you have to do it yourself if you choose. Whether you do this or not, and what kind or color paint you choose will depend on the purpose, such as office, food stand, or restroom.


Let’s say you plan to operate a restaurant out of your storage container in Fayetteville, where you need sinks for washing food or a bathroom for employees. You can add in plumbing for everything from fridges and kitchen sinks to appliances and bathrooms.


From detail lighting and task lighting to recessed lights and pendant lights, the possibilities for illumination are endless. For additional security, add motion sensors that activate when motion has been detected.

Miscellaneous Modifications

The most popular options when it comes to modifications include:

  •     Windows
  •     Framing and insulation
  •     Roll-up doors
  •     Sky lights
  •     Security bars
  •     Vents and fans
  •     Heat and AC units
  •     Electrical
  •     Partitions
  •     Shelving
  •     Solar panels

Many Uses of Shipping Containers in Fayetteville NC

Why modify your existing storage container? There are many reasons why, and many creative sages you can entertain. Try these ideas:

  •     Hydroponic container farm
  •     Ticket booth
  •     Security booth
  •     Home
  •     Sports equipment locker
  •     Pop up café
  •     Garage
  •     Pool
  •     Bistro
  •     Shed
  •     Theater
  •     Studio
  •     Sauna
  •     Field hospital
  •     Art gallery
  •     Student housing
  •     Disaster shelter
  •     Indoor garden
  •     Camper
  •     Lab
  •     Backyard pool house
  •     Guest house
  •     Playhouse

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