The Containerized Water Treatment Trend

The Containerized Water Treatment Trend

The water treatment process has been around for decades, and involves a way to ensure the quality of the drinking water in a municipality. As the need for more mobile water treatment facilities ramps up, containerization is necessary to create self-contained mobile treatment plants. This is an emerging trend within the water purification industry as a way of turning natural water into potable water that is free from bacteria and that is safe to drink.

This processes involves settling and filtration in order to get rid of debris, as well as to minimize microbes and remove solids. This process doesn’t have to take place in a huge industrial plant. It can take place in a small contained area. Thus, containerized water treatment in the form of a shipping container offers a mobile solution to this challenge.

You may think it sounds far-fetched but it’s really not. In fact, shipping containers can serve a variety of purposes other than just transportation, ocean travel and storage. As such, more and more containers can be modified and renovated to meet any purpose. You already have the basic structure there. It’s already wind and water tight, waterproof, and durable so it can withstand pretty much anything.

Shipping containers are now being used to make mobile water treatment plants, either within a 10-foot, 20-foot or 40-foot container. Shipping containers are ideal because they’re mobile and all that has to be done is load the treatment plant onto a truck and bring it to the desired site.

If that weren’t enough, these units can be temperature controlled so the plant will be well suited for hot or cold climates.

Did You Know?

One of the most common ways to use a containerized water treatment plant is for the creation of pure drinking water, which can be converted even from raw or sea water. As a result, they can be used at island resorts to create pure drinking water for staff and guests so that clean water doesn’t always have to be brought in. By producing water on site, you’re saving time and money.

Benefits of Shipping Container Water Treatment Plants

Other benefits of these units include:

  • They don’t take up a lot of space.
  • They can be customized to suit your needs.
  • They’re self-contained within one box.
  • They can be transported to different sites as needed.
  • All they need is flat, solid ground for installation.
  • They’re much more cost effective than a permanent structure.
  • They are easy to operate by just a single person.

Many types of customers find themselves in need of a mobile water treatment plant, especially those who have no natural freshwater supply handy. They can also be used by:

  • Industrial applications that need filtered water to use machinery so parts don’t get clogged up during the process.
  • Those who need fresh water supplies in disaster-stricken regions, such as during a wildfire or hurricane. These units can easily be shipped and on site quickly so people can get access to fresh water fast.
  • Mining and agriculture industries for potable water, or for filtering water for crops and powering machines.
  • Homeowners who live on a lake or the beach and who want to make their own drinking water because they either don’t have an alternative source of water, or the source they do have is not safe or tasty to drink.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless! It’s a smart investment that can pay off for many years down the road. You can save money on water bills, conserve energy, and save on construction and operation costs. Making your own household, industrial or commercial water supply also helps reduce your carbon footprint and helps the environment, particularly if you are able to recycle the water you use.

The shipping container water treatment trend continues to grow throughout the country. When will you get in on the trend?

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