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East Coast Shipping Ports: What You Need To Know

January 17th, 2022
Did you know that the East Coast shipping ports are expanding operations? The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are still suffering from months-long delays. A huge number of companies are opting to send goods to the East Coast to avoid delays on the west coast. Even though the cost… Read More »

Are Container Homes Legal in Georgia?

January 17th, 2022
In a nutshell, yes they are. Shipping container homes are certainly a trending topic here in the United States, and they’re gaining in popularity every year. This growing trend has prompted many states that previously had restrictions on them to allow their use. Here in Georgia, shipping container homes… Read More »

Use a Shipping Container to Start an AirBNB

December 28th, 2021
The last two decades have seen the short-term housing rental industry explode so much that specific rules have been created regarding them. If you plan to get into the short-term rental space, keep in mind it’s tricky to navigate all the rules and restrictions. If you’re considering buying shipping… Read More »

Buyers’ Guide to Purchasing a Shipping Container

December 15th, 2021
The main purpose of a steel shipping container is to transport cargo across the sea on large ships. During the journey, those containers can get dented, scraped, and scratched – not to mention exposed to the harshest of elements — all while protecting the goods enclosed inside. This durability… Read More »

11 Most Common Shipping Container Types

November 30th, 2021
About 90 percent of the world’s cargo is being moved by ships, so you can imagine how many shipping containers are currently in circulation – each one used for a different purpose. There are many shipping container types out there. From flat rack to tank containers, each unit helps… Read More »

What to Know When Working With a Container Modification Company

November 16th, 2021
If you need to purchase or rent a shipping container for a business or personal project, you will need to find a shipping container modification provider that can help you customize your unit. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. All it takes is some preparation and a… Read More »

Why You Should Use a Shipping Container For Your Next Marketing Event

October 27th, 2021
You’ve probably already heard about all the things you can do with shipping containers, whether you use new containers or used containers to achieve them. From mobile office spaces and storage sites to tiny homes and pop up coffee shops, the possibilities are endless. Did you know you can… Read More »

What Affects the Structural Integrity of a Shipping Container?

October 15th, 2021
Purchasing new containers or used containers is a great idea for so many reasons, whether you use them for mobile offices and classrooms, or to use as storage in your backyard. Steel shipping containers are very durable and are designed to last for years, decades even – if they’re… Read More »

Most Common Shipping Container Conversions in America

September 30th, 2021
Shipping containers aren’t just used for shipping cargo. In recent years, they have become more and more popular for unique and inventive uses, from pop up coffee shops to mobile offices. Because they are made of heavy-duty steel, they’re durable, long-lasting and weatherproof, giving you many years of dependable… Read More »

What to Know About Open Top Shipping Containers

September 15th, 2021
Open top shipping containers are considered specialty units, but they serve a similar storage and transport purpose as standard shipping containers. The difference is that they are able to accommodate much larger items, usually those too large to be loaded into a standard sized shipping container. Made from corrugated… Read More »
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