What are Reefer Containers and What are They Used For?

What are Reefer Containers and What are They Used For?

The term “reefer container” is short for “refrigerated container.” They’re basically just big fridges used to transport temperature-controlled cargo such as produce, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables and dairy, as well as non-food products that must be refrigerated, such as flowers and pharmaceuticals. Such containers must maintain their temperature because they are crossing many miles and oceans before they reach their destination.

Reefer containers are able to maintain a variety of cargo at the required temperatures for the duration of the trip. They also make an ideal portable solution to short- or long-term storage and may be used to ship or truck goods on a long distance-basis. This is because they are able to be plugged into power stations on ships or feature clip-on generators.

Transocean reefers are wind and water tight, featuring secure lockable doors. Most of our specialized containers are available new or used in 20′ and 40′ lengths.

Let’s go over the benefits of reefer containers:

Broad Temperature Ranges

Reefer containers can sustain a temperature range of -30 degrees F to 80 degrees F, with the ability to keep goods warm as well as cold. Refrigerated units are designed to maintain or lower the temperature of your shipment, even under the harshest of conditions.

Versatile Airflow

To maintain the set temperature of frozen goods, air flows around, under and upwards along the sides of the goods. To maintain the temperature of chilled goods, air flows around, under and into the inside of goods.


Reefers can be easily transported, which means they’re perfect for transporting temperature-dependent cargo such as medicine or food.

Cost Efficiency

Yes, you will have to shell out money for the initial investment, but over time you will save money knowing your goods are stored in a temperature controlled environment and won’t spoil. Products are kept at the correct temperature and moisture levels, extending their shelf lives and keeping spoilage to a minimum.

Many Uses

Reefers can be used for additional purposes than just ocean transport of goods. They can be used for:

  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Seasonal festivals and fairs
  • Pharmaceutical storage

They can be used in the following industries and for the following purposes:

  • Inventory Overflow Storage Floral Industry
  • Commercial Kitchen Remodels
  • Farming and Agriculture Storage
  • Chemical Supply and Manufacturing
  • Medical and Biomedical
  • Vaccines
  • Meat Processing
  • Seafood Wholesale
  • Food and Beverage Distribution
  • Produce Storage

Contact Transocean Equipment Management

If your company’s products are temperature controlled and you need to store or ship them for long periods of time, you need a refrigerated container. They’re well worth the investment, as you can’t risk losing your entire shipment due to spoilage. Contact us at 910-483-7828 to learn more about our refrigerated containers, our rates and the sizes we offer. We would be happy to give you a free price quote.


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