Why You Should Rent a Shipping Container When Renovating Your Home

Why You Should Rent a Shipping Container When Renovating Your Home

Are you making much-needed renovations to your home? Whether you’re updating one room or gutting the whole house, you’ll have to put the leftover materials and debris somewhere – not to mention your furniture and other belongings. What receptacle can you use that’s out of the way and safe? Why, a shipping container of course!

Home renovations can be stressful yet exciting all at the same time. But one thing everyone can agree on, they take a lot of blood, sweat and tears. To ensure a successful home remodel, you have to plan ahead. Part of the planning process is to work out some sort of storage solution for your stuff while the renovation is going on.

Some people temporarily move out of the home when doing improvements, while others have no choice but to stay amidst the projects. Living in a constrained space poses many challenges. You can use a storage container out in the yard or driveway as a receptacle for all your heavy items in the meantime.

Why Should You Rent a Storage Container?

In a nutshell, a container provides a central location to temporarily relocate your furniture while the renovation is going on. Plus, it provides a safe space that is weather proof too. Even if you’re only renovating one or two rooms, it can be stressful to move all the furniture from those rooms into other rooms of the home. That leaves you with a tiny space in which to live. If the renovation will take weeks, you’re best off just to rent a storage container.

Added bonus: you can accomplish the renovations faster and more efficiently.

Benefits of Using a Storage Container for Renovations

Shipping containers will:

  1. Save time you’d otherwise have to spend hauling furniture around your home, which is especially wise when you have to clear out an entire floor of your residence.
  2. Allow you to keep basements, garages and spare rooms clutter free so you can still use them throughout the project.
  3. Protect your furniture and valuables from dust, spills, and other damage.
  4. Give you a weather proof space to store even your most valuable stuff.
  5. Ensure your belongings are safe on your own property rather than at an off-site facility.
  6. Allow you to load and unload on your own time table so you don’t have to stress about strict rental timelines.

Which Container Rental Size and Capacity Do You Need?

Luckily for you, there are many sizes and capacities available to you when renting a shipping container. Consider the size of your home and how much furniture you need to get out of there. Then, you can better match up the storage container capacity.

  • A 20-foot container can accommodate items from a 3 bedroom house
  • A 40-foot container can accommodate items from a 5 bedroom house
  • A 10-foot container can accommodate items from a 1 bedroom house

Checking For Permits and Regulations

Before you rent a shipping container for an upcoming renovation, check with your town or city to find out if they allow storage containers on residential property. Most do. If so, find out how long you can keep it there and if you should know about any regulations governing the use of the container. Keep in mind, each community has its own specific regulations; when combined with the unique nature of your project, you should always verify this information beforehand.

If you live in a condo or townhouse, you should also check with the homeowners’ association before signing on the dotted line. Some HOAs don’t allow containers to be placed on personal property because they detract from the uniform look of the neighborhood.

As you can see, there are a lot of considerations to factor in when renting a storage container for your renovation. In conclusion, storage containers offer many benefits for home owners looking to maximize their space during a renovation while reducing stress at the same time. Just be sure to do your homework and make sure you choose a reputable shipping container provider.

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